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The team at Day Heights Veterinary Clinic recommends pets who have completed their puppy and kitten immunizations and reach the range of 6-8 months of age should be spayed or neutered. This dog and cat sterilization surgery provides various health and behavioral benefits for pets in Milford, OH and can be performed on site at our animal hospital.

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How Does Spay and Neuter Surgery Benefit My Pet?

Although we typically recommend having pets spayed or neutered between 6-8 months of age, each pet is evaluated to determine when they would most benefit from spay and neuter surgery. Having your pet spayed or neutered can improve your pet’s quality of life by preventing health and behavior issues, including:

Eradicates Heat Cycles

Female dogs and cats may experience an unpleasant heat cycle. Having them spayed will save them from experiencing the discomfort of a heat cycle.

Reduces Negative Behavior

Male pets may exhibit aggressive behavior such as roaming, spraying, or mounting at a young age. Neutering your pet can prevent these behaviors and improve your pet’s temperament.

Decreases Overpopulation of Stray Pets

When your pet is spayed or neutered, you are preventing the possibility of unwanted litters. This can also help relieve the stress that overcrowded animal shelters are experiencing. This can enable them to help more animals currently in need of care as well. 

Supports Healthier Pets

Spay and neuter surgery can also prevent the onset of mammary tumors and pyometra in females and reduce the risk of prostate infection and inhibit testicular cancer in males. This procedure can improve your pet’s quality of life and provide a range of health benefits to help them live a longer, happier life by your side.

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